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  • Beattie, M. (1987).  Codependent No More:  How to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself.  Harper/Hazelden, New York.  (ISBN 0-06-255446-8)

    An excellent book about learning how to stop taking care of others in order to begin to take care of yourself and learning how to experience oneself.

  • Mitchell, J. (1992).  Codependent for sure! Parkside Publishing Corp., Kansas City.  (ISBN 0-8362-7998-0)

    This is a book of codependency humor for people learning to become not codependent.  A definite must to lighten up the growth process.

  • Friel, J., et al. (1988). Co-Dependency. Health Communications Inc., Deerfield Beach , FL.  (98 pages; ISBN 0-932194-21-4)

    Short and excellent presentation of the concept.

  • Snow, C., & Willard, D. (1989).I'm dying to take care of you:  Nurses & codependence, breaking the cycles.  Professional Counselor Books, Redmond, WA.  (ISBN 0-922352-01-1)

    For professional care-takers such as nurses, teachers, and (yes) psychologists.

  • Woititz, J. G. (1983). Adult children of alcoholics. Health Communications Inc., Deerfield Beach , FL.  (ISBN 0-932194-15-X)

    An excellent, concise presentation of the topic and issues.



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